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Emerly's Essentials

We get it. Our daily life demands a lot. And if you look in your closet right now and you’ll likely find some version of the essential wardrobe building blocks that everyone has – a boyfriend jean, a boot, an LBD.

At Emerly’s, we understand and made sure that you get the best of that staple jewelry you want — that delicate chain which feels like a second skin, those stud earrings you will never take off, and so on.

We believe in ethics

We take pride in being a 100% ethically sourced company. We like to link our success to our hard-working silversmiths who make everything possible. By directly sourcing from the silversmiths helps us ensure that the long-term sustainability of premium products we provide.

This also helps us in bringing down our costs by removing the middle man. Which in turn benefits our customers too.

Reasons to love us


We provide free shipping on all orders and enjoy a hassle-free, 15-days returns on all orders from the date or purchase.


We source directly from silversmiths around the globe enabling us to reduce our the carbon footprint.


We believe in improving lives. 1% of all the profits we make, goes to a local charity to help to make lives better.