We know – We all love our sterling silver jewelry. So much so that many of us wear it day and night. Be it raining or a bright sunny day. A day without our jewelry makes us feel incomplete. Sterling silver jewelry is that one piece of luxury that makes it one of the most popular jewelry across the globe!

Between that bling and shine, we often neglect and forget about these beautiful silver pieces for a simple reason, tarnish. Even though 925 sterling silver tends to tarnish a lot less than other silver jewelry, some people like it and wait for those natural fades to appear on their jewelry, but for some, its a strict no-no and a deal-breaker.

Fortunately, getting rid of tarnish and taking care of your sterling silver jewelry is pretty easy and straightforward. As easy as washing your dishes. All you need is basic knowledge of silver, how and, why it tarnishes.

What is sterling silver jewelry?


What is sterling silver
Sterling silver is a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals like copper.


Silver in itself is a soft metal. This is why pure silver jewelry is delicate and bends easily. To increase its hardness and strength of silver, it is mixed with other alloys, usually copper. This process also increases its durability, shine, and makes it resistant to tarnishing. in other words, 925 sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. You can learn more about sterling silver here.

Why do silver ornaments/jewelry turn into black color?

A lot of metals, when coming in contact with oxygen in the atmosphere they develop rust. This process is called ‘rusting,’ which turns these metals into black color. Though technically silver does not rust because it does not react with oxygen in the atmosphere, it does react with components of air pollution – Sulfur. This reaction slowly over time appears as tarnish on your silver jewelry. Read more here.

How to keep your silver from tarnishing?

Keeping your silver jewelry new and shiny is pretty easy to do. It also involves minimal effort.

Follow these simple tips, and your silver pieces will stay like new forever:

  1. Emerly’s polishing cloth: Always remember to clean your silver jewelry before storing it using Emerly’s silver polishing cloth. Making this a habit will make your silver long last. Did you know – all our jewelry comes with a professional-grade special soft polishing cloth.
  2. Avoid Exposure:  Contact with your household chemicals, rubber, chlorinated water (read swimming pool), and anything that contains sulfur like eggs, mustard, onions, etc. causes tarnish and corrosion. It’s always a good idea to not wear your silver jewelry when doing household chores – Next time remove your silver jewelry when you go sunbathing or swimming.
  3. Cosmetics: Keep them away from your cosmetics. Chemicals in your hair spray, deodorant, makeup are enemies of your silver. This is why women dress jewelry in the last.
  4. Storage: As we now know that air and pollutants in the air tarnish your jewelry – storing them in air-tight zip-locks, containers are your best bet. Make sure you do not store multiple pieces in the same bag or box as they can lead to scratches. Pro tip: Add a bit of chalk or charcoal along. These are great at absorbing moisture

How do you remove tarnish from your silver jewelry?

OK, so your jewelry has tarnished, and you do not have time to give it your local jeweler to do his magic. Don’t worry; there is no need to panic. It’s easier than it looks to get rid of it. Use any of the following methods at home to get rid of that tarnish.

  1. Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil – Layer a bowl with an aluminum foil. Next, add boiling water and baking soda in it. Dip your silver jewelry. Remove it after a couple of minutes, rinse under cold water and rub dry with a soft polishing cloth – voila!
  2. Lemon and Salt Bath – Take a bowl of hot water and squeeze a couple of lemons into a bowl with 3-4 tablespoons of salt. Place your tarnished jewelry in there for 5-6 minutes. Remove and rub with a soft cloth. That’s it!
  3. Toothpaste – We all have it lying around, right? Take a small amount of toothpaste and rub into your silver jewelry with a sponge or a polishing cloth. Rinse in warm water.

It is always advisable to use Emerly’s silver polishing cloth to clean your jewelry. When you don’t have time or luxury of giving it to your jewelry for cleaning, the above methods can also come in handy. Next time make sure you store your silver jewelry properly to prevent it from tarnishing.

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